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[Tutorial] Emulating a Macintosh Plus - user99672 - 11 Oct 2014

The emulator we're going to use, is called Mini vMac.

  1. Your first step will be to download the appropriate build for your platform

  2. Second, you will need to find a ROM image for the Macintosh Plus. This file will be named vMac.ROM, If you have the hardware, you should dump it using the CopyROMs utility...else, you're on your own to find the file.

  3. Third, you will need a disk image (to install Mac OS on). You can get some "blanks" of various sizes here: There are also instructions on this page on how to create your own, of a custom size (using tools such as dd, mkisofs, etc)...but in the efforts of keeping this simple, I will simply point you to the page.

  4. Fourth, you will need a copy of the Macintosh System Software. Apple at one point had a BinHex'd copy of System Software 6 on their FTP, but this may or may not hold true now. The latest System Software that Mini vMac can run is Mac OS 7.5.5

To mount disk images, you can simply drag and drop the file to the Mini vMac window. If your platform doesn't support it, use the Ctrl-O keystroke to open whatever your platform's equivalent of the 'file chooser' concept is.

You will probably want to name the disk image you are installing to 'disk1.dsk', and to place it in the same directory as the Mini vMac executable, as this will cause it to automatically mount when the emulator starts.

It's not the best, but here's a video to give you the basic idea (yes I forgot how big the video frame was):