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Windows 2.03 Amstrad OEM English - AlphaBeta - 12 Oct 2014

When making the Windows 2.x buildlist, I noticed that the Amstrad OEM of 2.03 in English has somehow weird SETUP.INF.

First of all, it starts with a Wang copyright.

If we dive deeper, we'll notice commented display driver entries for Wang displays.

However, there are entries for Amstrad mouses. The only reference to Amstrad in the whole file, aside from complete PC specifications in the end of the file.

And, last, the image files claim to be last modified in 1996. However, files from 2000 and 2001 are present. Surprisingly, SETUP.INF is among those.

Discuss below.

RE: Windows 2.03 Amstrad OEM English - Wheatley - 12 Oct 2014

It could be that setup.inf was corrupt, and thus someone might have recreated it using Wang OEM files.

It also could be a mislabel of a Wang OEM release, but if so, the file modification dates make little sense.

RE: Windows 2.03 Amstrad OEM English - Battler - 13 Oct 2014

Or someone took a Wang OEM release and added support for Amstrad mice to it.

Someone should do compare between it and the known Wang OEM version in WinDiff and see what that comes up with.