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[TUT] Install and run NT 5.0 builds (1585-1946) on PCem/PCemN properly - TheCollector1995 - 27 Oct 2014

Here I'm posting a tutorial about how to install and run most NT 5.0/Win2000 builds on PCem and/or on PCemN Smile .
The reason I'm doing this is because NT 5.0 builds, during the GUI setup, suddenly reboot without completing setup (only at the moment, this bug might be fixed in a later SVN release of PCem).

First, you need VMware 10.0.x installed (or Player if you want the free edition or Fusion if you're on Mac OS X).

Create a Virtual Machine with 5.x compatibility with no networking and ACPI disabled and the RTC date to the desired date of the build.

Install the build you have on VMware as you would do normally, after it is installed, change the Mouse driver from PS/2 to Serial Mouse and uninstall any SCSI Adapters it has (like the BusLogic).

Convert the VMDK hdd to IMA/IMG for use with PCem or on PCemN with WinImage (Disk, then "Convert Virtual Hard Disk Image").

Boot with the boot floppies supplied with the desired build or use Bootable CD Loader (google it) if no boot floppies cannot be created correctly (on PCem or PCemN).

Proceed until it gets to the partition configuration, then type "R" (for Repair) and let it install.

Close PCem or PCemN, open the IMA/IMG hdd, navigate through "winnt/system32/config", extract the "system" file (without quotes and without extentions), load it on Regedit (care has to be taken where you load it).

After the hive (system) has been loaded successfully, navigate through "Setup" of the hive, remove the UpgradeInProgress and RestartSetup values, and change the values of SetupType from 4 to 0, and SystemSetupInProgress from 1 to 0.

Unload the hive (system) from Regedit and put it back in the IMA/IMG hdd to its original directory.

Open PCem and let the build run, and let it re-install all the devices it has detected for PCem's settings.


Edit: This guide is useless for the dynarec core on PCem as it can install these builds through the GUI setup with no problems.