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MS-DOS 3.20 Korean - Battler - 01 Nov 2014

We know it exists, it's mentioned here alongside screenshots:
= .

Now, I wonder, what hardware is this supposed to run on? We know the VGA didn't yet exist in the 1987 (or it did exist but wasn't in wide use yet), so what graphics card was this targeted to? I do notice that the display driver is named HECON.COM, HECON.SYS, MSHECON.COM, or MSHECON.SYS. Now we know CON is the display device. So HECON I think stands for either Hercules CON or Hangeul EGA CON.

I can't try it in PCem with EGA because PCem just freezes if I choose the EGA, and I tried with two different VGA BIOS'es. I tried it with the Hercules but it worked just as badly as with a (S)VGA-compatible adapter. I know though, that some East Asian support was achieved on the Hercules because of Traditional Chinese display drivers for the Hercules.

This also makes me wonder, why wasn't Japanese DOS tried on the Hercules? Had it been tried, Japanese DOS for Western IBM-compatible PC's would have been achieved already in the 3.x era most probably.

But anyway, anyone here has any idea of what the HECON drivers were written for?

And no, I don't have that MS-DOS 3.20 Korean, I tried HECON.SYS (which I found during a Google search once) on MS-DOS 6.0, with the above-mentioned results.

RE: MS-DOS 3.20 Korean - slipstream - 04 Nov 2014

According to , hecon.sys is also in MS-DOS 5.0 ko-KR.

Also, details a couple of versions of the file, and that the version included in MS-DOS 3.2 ko-KR worked fine in VMWare.

And details the command line switches of hecon.sys Smile

edit: Just found which gives download links (on!) to a few third-party Korean DOS graphics drivers, and lists what they are for: GSVIP.SYS (LG), MYHG24.SYS (Samsung, according to the readme it supposedly supports some SVGA card), and a third-party, non-MS HECON.SYS (TriGem).

RE: MS-DOS 3.20 Korean - Battler - 04 Nov 2014

- slipstream: Yes, I have those drivers already. But are we sure 5.0 would have had HECON.SYS? Maybe 5.0 TriGEM OEM would, but not retail. Thing is, I have HBIOS.COM version 1.10, and 6.00 has version 1.20, so I presume 1.10 is from 5.0 and 1.00 possibly from 4.x. To note that HBIOS 1.20 and later also support Code Page 1361 (Johab) which was standardized in 1992, while HBIOS 1.10 does not and only supports Code Page 949 (Wansung/EUC-KR) which was standardized in 1987.