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[TUT] Install windows nashville. - Archenemy - 03 Nov 2014

1. Have an older dos or 9x based operating system on your machine.
2. Insert Nashville iso and run setup.exe in the iso.
3. Install it as you would with windows 95.
4. If you use vmware then download the vmware tools 5.5.0 and install it within the virtual machine.
Important notes:
Use the latest version of vmware workstation if you plan on using vmware and set the compatibility for vmware 5.5.
Also if this build can't install properly then it is not meant for your pc. The solution is go try it on another computer.

RE: [TUT] Install windows nashville. - user99672 - 04 Nov 2014

Hi Archenemy,

First, Welcome to SoftHistory! We appreciate that you want to help, such as with this post, but you should be aware that the intended audience of this site usually knows how to install older Operating Systems, do notice the content of the other posts in this subforum, they're for very specific problems that are encountered when trying to run software. Battler's for example, is intended to fix emulation with certain Asian operating systems.

Again, good post, but I'm afraid it might not get much use here.