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Chicago Key Generator - Battler - 08 Oct 2014

The syntax for randomization is the same as of the DOS version: ! generates 1 character, @ generates 2, # generates 3, $ generates 4, % generates 5, * generates 6/all.

This is it: .
This is the DLL: .
Source code of both: .

Also, we figured out that the algorithm used for those last 4 digits of the Password is a standard MD4 hash. Basically, The Distractor went and googled for the two constants used in the code, and found that they're used in MD4 and SHA1. SHA1 was ruled out because its RFC was published in 2001 or so, so MD4 was left. Then I found a MD4 calculator online, and had it generate the hashes for the correct string (eg.: 101907999bMicrosoft Chicago PDK2 Release, December 1993) and lo and behold, it always returned the correct value (just with wrong endianness) for the least significant 16 bits.
Then, we found the official RSA MD4 C code among the leaked NT 4.0 source code, and I ended up using it in the Win32 port of my generator instead of the code I had reverse-engineered from SUWIN.EXE. It works like a charm, and the RSA's copyright notice clearly says the code is free to use and redistribute if the proper copyright notice is displayed.

So here it is. Enjoy. :p